Can Kirtan Save The World?

 March 22, 2011
Posted by Kitzie

Kirtan Konsciousness: Can Kirtan Save the World?

by Sony Trieu on March 21, 2011/Dharma Lounge


The images of the Japanese Tsunami and Earthquake reawaken our memories of Katrina and other disasters. It’s hard to know how to take action, how to help the world. Can Kirtan open our consciousness and change the world? Maybe not, but Kirtan Konsciousness just might.What is Kirtan Konsciousness?  To me, it’s all about being aware of our own consciousness and how we can, both as individuals and collectively, make differences in the changing global environment, through Kirtan — the call and response form of chanting.   Through chanting sacred Sanskirt mantras, we can send out vibrational healing energy in the form of love and light to those in need.

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