Kirtan For Election Night

 November 2, 2010
Posted by Kitzie

Probably like most of you, I’m constantly struggling with my need to be informed and my desire to stay positive.  A balance has been especially hard to achieve  during this demoralizing election season.  Kirtan, as always, has been my refuge–and that’s where I’ve been trying to live for most of today.  These songs made me forget there was an election happening, that’s why they’re in the set.  Enjoy.

P.S.  The song after “Ma” is “Sri Krishna Govinda” by Mukti.

Om Mercury Max The Eternal Om
People Get Ready Spring Spring Fever
Shanti Wah! Maa
Krishna Love (feat. Jai Uttal) MC Yogi Elephant Power
Sita Ram Brenda McMorrow Love Abounds
Ganesha Sharanam All My Heart Michael Kolasa
Ma Gurunam Singh Silent Moonlight Meditation
People of Love Snatam Kaur Celebrate Peace
Harmonium Sale