Bye Bye Bhakti Fest

 September 12, 2010
Posted by Kitzie

We’re flying out early tomorrow morning, and I’m noticing how very quiet it is … and how full I am. We’ve been bathing in a sea of Love for the last four days.  Close your eyes and imagine what that might feel like–then amplify it, and that is the experience of this festival.  We saw some amazing performances today, and I’m sorry I wasn’t able to bring you more but I ran out of space on my recorder’s hard drive.  The song by Shantala is brand new, they’re previewing it at Bhakti Fest and Benjy gave me permission to record it.  Thanks, homie!  Sean Johnson & the Wild Lotus Band knocked our socks off, they had the crowd up and dancing for the entire set.  I came back with a LOT of CDs, and more are coming in the mail, so get ready for KIRTAN–several artists had new CDs available for the first time at the festival.  I also interviewed Sridhar, the executive producer of Bhakti Fest, and I’d like to tell you about that interview and my thoughts after being home for a few days.

Bhakti Fest is spontaneous song & dance, every person you meet already a friend, children with Yoga mats, a Krishna dude strumming “If You’re Strange”, night-time parades through the food court, people of all ages dressed in a assortment of not-to-be missed outfits, hot, dry and dusty, blueblueblue skies with a clarity rarely seen, a night time sky full of stars and energy levels through the roof.  It is a not-to-be missed experience if you’re a fan of Yoga, kirtan and Love in general.  Bill & I are dead tired, sunburned, and have a suitcase full of dusty clothes and shoes–but who cares?  Bye bye to the Bhav, but it’s coming around again this time next year–they’re already booking.  I can’t wait.

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