September 23, 2010
Posted by Kitzie

I read the word “BhaktiFestified” somewhere recently, and it so perfectly describes how I feel—I’ve had a taste of the Bhav, and now there’s no going back—and whyohwhy would I ever want to?

Bhakti Fest is over, but little pieces of it have broken off and spread around the world.  You can be part of that energy–just attend a kirtan near you.  A local kirtan, a concert, a festival—it doesn’t matter.  We’re all part of the same community, the same energy of Love, the same intention of Peace.  Spread the word and make a difference in the world.  Namaste.

Om Mercury Max The Eternal Om
Why We Chant (Live) Shiva Rea Chant4Change (Live)
Lake of Exploits Jai Uttal & the Pagan Love Orchestra Beggars & Saints
Lake of Exploits Part 2 Jai Uttal & the Pagan Love Orchestra Beggars & Saints
Sita Ram Brenda McMorrow Love Abounds
Prayer to Impermanence Joey Lugassy Interim
Abundance Mantra Lea Longo Zen Voyage
Devaki Karnamrita Dasi Putumayo Yoga
Jaya Vittale (Live) Dave Stringer Chant4Change (Live)

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