Fresh Tracks 7

 August 18, 2010
Posted by Kitzie

Putting the podcast together is a miraculous process–I’m always curious to see what Spirit has planned for the show.   This week, the perfect CD showed up right on schedule and the new songs seemed to reflect what I was thinking but didn’t have the words to say.  The set is all new music, offerings from the CDs that have arrived in my mailbox over the last several weeks.  Enjoy!   Namaste.

Om Mercury Max The Eternal Om
Ilumina Deva Premal Into Light; The Meditation Music of Deva Premal
Shanti (Radio Mix) Wah Maa
Om Shri Lakshmi Robin Renee Live Devotion
Aadi Shakti Snatam Kaur Divine Birth
Shanti Puja Tulku & Krishna Das A Universe to Come
Pavan Guru Sat Jot Singh Breath Of Love
Sri Ram Jim Gelcer Bhagavan
Maha Lakshmi Brenda McMorrow & Ben Leinbach Off the Mat, Into the World
Om Mani Padme Hum (in the moment) Spring Changing


Ó, grandioso sol, sol central

Ó, grandiosa lua no céu

Ó, grandiosa estrela no céu

Ó, grandiosa rainha da floresta

Ilumina, ilumina, ilumina, ilumina

Oh, great sun, central sun

Oh, great moon in the sky

Oh, great star in the sky

Oh, great queen of the forest

Enlighten, enlighten, enlighten

(Guilherme Henrique Mendonça da Silva)

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