Walking With Wah

 April 21, 2010
Posted by Kitzie
This is a post originally published September 2008 at an old blog of mine that isn’t available anymore.  I love walking with kirtan, this might give you an idea of what that can be like.
Today I did something a little different on my morning walk.  Instead of listening to an audio book, I listened to Wah.  She is one of a new group of modern kirtan singers that includes Deva Premal, Jai Uttal & Ragani (one of my favorites).  This music is magical, and I love to listen and sing along to it.  I’m also a long time member of a kirtan group that meets on Sunday night, and this song form has influenced my life in many ways, including voiceover … but I digress.  Back to my walk.
A walk with an audio book tends to be of a serious nature.  It is focused on the book which, depending on the selection, could be about the grave state of the nation or walking on the Appalachian Trail.  I have to pay attention, and that makes me serious.  Anyway, walking while listening to kirtan I felt like a Disney princess!!  I totally did.  As I paused on the curb to cross the street (during the rush half-hour) not one but TWO cars–one each way–stopped for me, so I could continue my walk uninterrupted.  That happened twice.  The green of the trees was vibrant and fresh, the flowers smelled sweet, and when I got back to the house there were ripe raspberries on the vine for breakfast.  I didn’t feel serious once.
It might be hard to go back to audio books.

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