The Secret One Inside

 October 20, 2009
Posted by Kitzie

I’ve always loved the imagery in the song “There Is A Secret One Inside”.  Based on a poem by Kabir, it helps me to remember there is someone bigger than me who has a plan.  My job is to breathe, be the “salt within the tears of the eye of God” and have faith.

Enjoy the music.  Namaste.






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SECRET ONE/I AM SINGING (From a Poem By Kabir, Tr. Robert Bly)


There is a secret one inside:

All of the stars & all of the galaxies

Run through His/Her hands like beads.


I am singing, I am singing

The song of Love, the song of Love.

I am dancing, I am dancing

The dance of Love, the dance of Love

I am the moisture upon the wind

Of the Breath of God, of the Breath of God

I am the salt within the tears

In the Eye of God, In the Eye of God.






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