Dancing In The Street

 October 13, 2009
Posted by Kitzie

It’s a great new day–I’ve started a kirtan band and life is good.  The band has two guitar players, several different kinds  of percussion, a harmonium/keyboard, an autoharp (me), and a cello (sometimes).  Mostly everybody sings harmony.  We’ve had two rehearsals now, and it’s coming together very quickly.

Here’s something to ponder–just two years ago, our small town had no kirtan at all.  Now we have about twenty regular Sunday Satsang attendees, and two live kirtan bands.  You can bring this wonderful practice to your community–all it takes is a few people, a space to sing & an IPod.  Try it in your town, you might be surprised at the results.

I hope you do a little dance of your own to this week’s set.  Namaste.






Om Mercury Max The Eternal Om

Gayatri Mantra Bruce Becvar & Nada Shakti Samadhi


Bhaja Mana Ma Shantala Live In Love (2)

P. 15

Wahe Guru Wahe Jio Snatam Kaur Prem

P. 1

Krishna Gayatri Swaha Bolo

Govinda Gopala Swaha Bolo

Jay Jay Ram Krishna Hare Dave Stringer Joyride

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