Live Kirtan Rocks Big Time

 April 21, 2009
Posted by Kitzie

Oh my.  I’ve never been to a concert like this one.  No applause.  Meditation between songs.  Musicians totally accessible.  The loving community created between strangers gathered to sing kirtan together.  Leaving with a feeling of peaceful alignment with what makes life worthwhile.   A rocking value for $20.  Go see a live kirtan concert, go to Kirtan Connection to see live events in your area and go support these artists.  They are changing the world– concert by concert.  What’s in it for you?  It’s a great cure for the recession blues.

If you got the version of last week’s podcast with a voiceover on top of Dave Stringer’s “Hey Shiva Shankara”, my apologies.  I didn’t mute something I was working on in the same session as the podcast.  Sorry about that Dave.  And dear Lord, do you ever sing some kickass kirtan!  The six of us who went from our satsang group totally loved the evening, thank you again for your music.

Regarding the set, it’s a bit short this week because we had a long reading by Adyashanti in satsang.  It’s a great set if you’re in a bad mood, as there are two Sikh chants designed to bring you from pain to peace.  I’ve discovered another artist I love, Gurunam Singh.  He’ll be making regular podcast appearances I think.  Have a great week and enjoy the set.  Namaste.







Mercury Max

The Eternal Om

Mahamantra Mantra

Krishna Das

Pilgrim Heart

Dukh Par Har-From Pain To Peace

Gurunam Singh

The Journey Home

Magic Mantra

Satkirin Kaur Khalsa

Lightness Of Being

P. 11

Rama Bolo

David Newman

Into The Bliss: A Kirtan Experience

P. 15

Harmonium Sale