Walking With Kirtan

 March 24, 2009
Posted by Kitzie

I”m just back from a walk with the music from this week’s set.  It’s  a cold, nasty windy rainy day . . . and I expected the kirtan to do its usual magic.  It did, but it took me awhile to get there as it was cold and rainy and I was all woe is me.  Eventually my pouty, whining mind shut off, and I was left with the stark beauty of the bare trees and the potential of  new life everywhere.  I was peaceful.  And now I’m glad to be back with a cup of tea.  Here’s a different view of walking with kirtan as a backdrop, one I wrote in September on a sparkling, beautiful day.  I’m trying to be true to a committment I made to exercise, but I need motivation to get out the door . . .  especially on a day like today.  If I walk to kirtan I know it will “change my mind” for the rest of the day.  That gets me outside most of the time, and that’s half the battle.

Enjoy spring, enjoy the set, enjoy life.  Namaste.







Mercury Max

The Eternal Om

Om Namo Bhagavate Invocation

Shantala/Krishna Das


Om Namo Bhagavate/Because the One I Love



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Govinda Jaya Jaya

Donna De Lory

The Lover  and The Beloved

P. 15 (Dave Stringer’s version)

Rama  Rama


Best of Both Worlds

Rama Bolo

David Newman

Into the Bliss: A Kirtan Experience

P. 15

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