Choose Love

 February 24, 2009
Posted by Kitzie

“All my life, I had a choice of hate and love.  I chose love, and I’m here.”  A. R. Rahman had that to say when he won two Oscars for his music in Slumdog Millionaire.  You can see and hear his award winning song “Jai Ho” here.  Listen to the song, go feel the spirt of love and celebration in the music.

Portland peeps, David Newman is coming to Vancouver, WA.  You can see David at the Shanti Yoga Center in Vancouver, Washington (Just 15 minutes from Portland, OR), Thursday, March 5th at 7:30 pm.  Tickets are $20.

For Tickets Contact:

Shanti Yoga Center:  360-750-9642

800 Franklin Street, SUITE 204

Vancouver, WA 98660.

[email protected]

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