Happy New Year!

 January 4, 2009
Posted by Kitzie

Welcome to our second podcast!  We have some great songs for you this week, here are the artists in this week’s set.

Hare Krishna Govinda” . . . . . Ragani

“Waheguru Wahe Jio” . . . . . Snatam Kaur

“Baba Hanuman” . . . . . Shantala

“Hara Hara Mahadev/Om Namah Shivaya” . . . . . Jai Uttal

Here’s how tonight’s set will go.  We’ll start with the chant “Om”  If you’re using the set as a meditation, do some deep breathing at this point to get your mind & body to calm down.  Either listen with headphones, following the words of the chant in your mind, or sing—alone or with friends.  Either way, pause the podcast after each chant & sit quietly.  Observe where the chant has taken you.  Then, continue if you have the time, each set goes for about an hour.

I mention this in the podcast, and this event sounds great.  Chant4Change is happening in Washington, D.C. on Martin Luther King day, January 19 to celebrate the inauguration of Barack Obama.   Join Shiva Rae, Jai Uttal, Dave Stringer, Gaura Vani & As Kindred Spirits and others.

Hope to see you all next week, when I’ll tell you how we use the podcast to create a satsang session here in Oregon every Sunday night.  Best wishes for the New Year!  Let’s create a magical 2009


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