Celebrate Change!

 January 19, 2009
Posted by Kitzie

The set this week celebrates the inauguration of  Barack Obama as our next President  The chants are all about about clearing out old energy and bringing in new.  That’s why “Om Nama Shivaya” appears twice, by different artists—Wah & Shantala.  Then comes “Om Namo Narayana”, a lovely piece our group loves to harmonize with.  This chant says “I Bow To The Divine”.  A strong chant by Dave Stringer is next, “Ganapati Om”, a chant to Ganapati who removes the obstacles of the mind.  “Guru Ram Das”, a Sikh chant for support & protection from Satkirin Kaur Khalsa.  And the set ends with another Sikh artist, Snatam Kaur singing a live version of “Ong Sohung”.  There is a truly lovely interlude toward the end of the chant, an affirmation for being the change we want to see.

Around the time of the election a friend sent me this guided visualization.  I hope you’ll read it and send your grace & positive energy to President-elect Obama.

The year is 2016. We glance at the television one morning and see Barack Obama having another of his many press conferences.  He has now been in office for almost 8 years.

It hasn’t been perfect, but things are much better than when he took office in January of 2009. You notice that his hair has whitened and he still has that winning smile and that take charge/positive energy that he had when he was campaigning way back in 2008.

You think back to how concerned you were about whether or not he would win in 2008 and you feel deeply contented that he has been safely in office for such a long time.  He and Congress have done much to address global warming, healthcare, development of alternative energy sources and a variety of other important matters to the country and the planet. You feel deep gratitude for the past eight years and how things have unfolded.

See it …

Feel it …

Breathe it …

Take 30 seconds right now.

Close your eyes and imagine exactly what our country will feel like with President Obama.

Imagine … how good it will feel.

Imagine … whatever it is about him that you desire.

Imagine … the pride.

Imagine … the diplomacy.

Imagine … the peace.

Imagine … the windmills and the clean cars.

Imagine … the citizen groups.

Imagine … the earth being healed and revitalized.

Imagine … being very proud of your country and its leader.

Imagine … whatever it is that draws you to support Obama.

Imagine … what your life will look like.

Take 30 seconds. Do it several times a day. We can shift and change the vibration of this country with positive visions just like this. This is what we can do to help our country transition to fulfilling the Hope, the Dream, that we have for our future.

Yes We Can!

Pass it on …


Om Mercury Max The Eternal Om
Om Namah Shivaya Wah! Hidden in the Name (2) P. 7
Om Namah Shivaya Shantala Sri P. 6
Om Namo Narayana Deva Premal Love Is Space P. 3
Ganapati Om Dave Stringer Japa P. 10
Guru Ram Das (Support;Protection) Satkirin Kaur Khalsa Lightness of Being P. 11
Ong Sohung Snatam Kaur Live in Concert P. 9

Enjoy.  Namaste.  Kitzie

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